Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just For Mom

My mom just scolded me for not updating my blog more often than I do, but I think she is the only one that actually reads it. So this blog is especially for her. What have I done lately? Not much really. Stake softball is basically the highlight of my life right now, it's way fun. Wednesday night basketball isn't bad, either. My friend, Jaimie, and I have a lot of fun together doing random stuff. We decided to be funky ballerinas for Halloween (thank you Brooke). Our stake had a rodeo this past Saturday, which was also not too shabby. What else? Church is good, school is school which is lame, and sports are always brilliant. I'm still broke and don't love it, but it's all part of the experience, I suppose. Ha this is why I don't blog often, Mom! I have NOTHING to say. But I guess if it makes you happy, I will continue to post senseless blogs about how nothing really has changed.