Friday, May 8, 2009

A little catch up, a little venting.

School is almost over. I have two finals on Tuesday, then I'm done. I'm sad to say that Chemistry kicked my butt. I wasn't used to studying because I never had to in high school, so I will admit that it is mostly my fault I am retaking it next fall, but it is still a hard class. It was really hard for me to sit at home and really just focus on one subject. I'm working on finding a study routine that works best for me. My life is really repetetive right now: school, work, sleep, workout, school, work, sleep, workout... I can't say I dislike it, but I'll enjoy a whole lot more when school isn't a part of it. So I'm a pretty competetive person, even with myself. I've really gotten into working out and doing the stuff I hate doing. I stay on the StairMaster a few minutes longer every day & and try to use a heavier medicine ball when I do abs. I recently tried yoga, too. I had this preconceived notion that it was all religious like and cheesy. It was kind of, but to the extent at which I thought it was. I might actually do it again. I love basketball. I played one-on-one w/ Brooke last week then we hit the weights upstairs, probably my favorite way to get in weight training & cardio. So now for the venting portion of the blog. My truck hates me, really, it does. The past 6 months it has given me and my dad heck. First the batter. Then something electrical which took about 4 or 5 tries to fix... It was at the point where it took about 400 tries to start it. I actually have a callus on my right pointer finger from constantly turning the dang key. Finally, we got it fixed, for real. It started every time. Then on Tuesday, it just shuts off on me as I'm driving. I'm stuck on the side of the road, no idea what to do, and my dad is in Mexico, unreachable. I start calling people, they either don't pick up their dang phones, or have no interest in helping me, or they can't. I finally called Troy, a guy from work, while he was working because I had called everybody. He knew the whole saga of my truck. Once he answered the phone, I lost it. I cried, he laughed, I was mad. He came to help me, though, and so did a very nice police officer. We got my truck safely into a parking lot. We had no idea what it could be.... I couldn't have ran out of gas, I had a fourth of a tank! Nope, I ran out of gas. The sensor thingamajigger was wrong. I found this out when, after talking with some mechanics knowledgable friends, to put some more gas in the tank, thinking it was a faulty fuel pump. Well, my truck started!! Tonight my buddy, Anthony, was going to help me transfer my truck from SCC to my place. When I got in my truck it started!! Soooo HAPPY! Not, for long though. The brakes were all locked up! They didn't really work! I had to press the pedal with both feet to come to a stop from 5 miles per hour! I mean, really? Then Anthony decided to drive it around the lot, after about 30 seconds it started smoking. Called Chris, might be brake fluid. Now I have to go check the brake fluid in the morning before work instead of studying for my math final. My truck is still stuck at SCC. Really, it hates me! Nobody is probably reading this by now, but I'm glad I got it out. NOBODY would answer their phone tonight when I needed to vent & just cry it out.. NOBODY. Hmph. I'm out.