Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Dad is SO Embarrassing

My dad fully enjoyed embarrassing me as a child/teen. Driving around town I heard this song and it immediately reminded me of these times when my dad would do this little dance at the steering wheel, specifically as he was dropping me off or picking me up at school. He would point his fingers to the left and right, sort of hunch over the wheel, and do this weird head bob thing. It was really, really cool. (Sense the hit of sarcasm there?) Anyway, this is the song that reminded me of my dad. Looking back now I realize I love these times I had with my dad. It wasn't often that he would act like total goofball, but when he did, he went all out.

I have many other fun, funny, embarrassing memories with my dad.
  • "No Fun Allowed!" - My dad's rule for any family outing. My friends would always ask "Is he serious?"
  • "Damn it, Barbara, we're the MEAN Green!" - A girl on my soccer team apologized for kicking an opponent in the shin during a game. This was the year we wanted to be the "Slimeballs," but Dad wouldn't have it. So we had to be the Mean Green. Dad was always my soccer coach, and he was a tough one. Some parents didn't like him much, but all the girls did. He made us work hard, and we were good for it.
    The best was the year we were "The Gang Green" or "The Gangrene."
  • Going to ASU football games. Oh, how I LOVED that. We have had season tickets for as long as I can remember. Best family tradition ever! All us Jenkins kids owe a big thanks to our dad for that.
  • Swim Meets. My dad was always the announcer guy at Trace & my swim meets. He was at every single meet. Even the ones in Wickenburg (anybody remember that pool? How was that pool so cold in the middle of the summer? And why were there no backstroke flags? I hit my head there every time I raced backstroke. Ouch, concrete wall at full speed...Okay so I wasn't that fast at that particular stroke, but it still hurt.)
  • Continuing the sports and support topic, my dad instilled in me a passion for basketball. Not only that, he fully supported me in it, too. He even gave up coaching and refereeing, which he LOVES, during my high school years so that he could come watch my games. I didn't always love hearing his advice (criticism) at the end of every game, but I was a better player for it. But, when I made my dad proud, he let me know and everybody else. There was one game in particular my sophomore year against Dysart, that I had a really, really good game. Like, nearly half our points, assists, a great defensive game, played every second of the first four quarters and OT, game winning foul shot. My dad had NO criticism for me after that game, which was a big deal. When I went to call my brothers to tell them about my game, my dad already had called and told them all about it. It made me so happy that my dad was that proud of me. Anyone who knows me the least bit knows I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE basketball. Playing or watching. It's a passion I will have forever. The joy and happiness I get from it, I owe to my daddy.
I could go on for a while about the things and memories I love about my dad, but I hope he knows how grateful I am for him. The love, support, and criticism I have received from him over the years have been a big part in shaping my character. He is a great example to me in many ways. I love him so much, and I hope he knows that!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Houston? Green Bay? Denver? Kansas City?

No- I am not guessing where I'll be called to serve. I mean, I'd love to go anywhere, but those places wouldn't be among my first choices. As for those, we are not talking about them, I don't wanna jinx it. Anyway back to what we ARE talking about. My job. My boss, really. For those who are slightly behind the times of my life, I babysit for Ty Warren, former DE for the New England Patriots '03-'10. Just a few days ago he was released (not cut) from this team that took him as their first round pick in the Draft 8 years ago. Since then, life has been crazy, hectic, and a tad bit stressful. I planned on moving to MA with the Warrens for as long as possible. I even had an AMAZING road trip planned out with my restie (no, not "bestie") , Christie. Well, it was cancelled (I may or may not have shed a tear or two. Hint: I did.) After being released a lot of teams showed interest in Ty, wanting to meet with him and making offers. The hope was he would go to Houston, which would mean I would get to stay in College Station. Well every day, hour even, things changed. It's Houston. Nope, Kansas City. Well, he might go meet with Green Bay. Definitely Denver. Oh wait, Houston is making another offer. Oh, now so is Denver. Long story short: Denver won. I will now be moving to Denver while I wait to leave on a mission.

So now I'm in Massachusetts, watching the children and helping to get their beautiful home here ready to be put on the market. Here until the 13th or 14th, then back to CS to see my dad and Cindy when they visit Kyle and Tara, tie up some loose ends, store the majority of my stuff, then I will take off to Denver on the 28th or so. The Warrens will be staying around the Englewood area, so I'm hoping to find somewhere near there to live. Have I mentioned how blessed I am to work for this family? They are so awesome. From the kids and parents, to their extended family & friends, just amazing people.

Okay, so no mission call yet... Maybe tomorrow or next week? I hope so, anyway. Lately I have been reading Preach My Gospel. I'm loving it. I am learning a lot, my testimony is growing, and I am getting so, so excited to share this amazing Gospel with those who are ready to hear it.