Saturday, June 18, 2011

God Blessed Texas

Yep, I still love Texas. Sort of. I could do without the humidity, but the heat itself is nothing new. Arizona has more than prepared me for that part of Texas. It's funny, Texans are competitive. They ask me constantly how I am handling, enjoying, and surviving the heat. Ha. Everything is bigger in Texas, yes I know that. But does it have to be hotter in Texas, too? Sorry, Texas, Arizona is hotter. You do, however, win the humidity contest. Neither of which is a good thing, but Texans seem to think so.

So, I guess I have some updating to do. I recently lost my job as a nanny for the McMahon family. Their grandma moved down from Nebraska and replaced me. Sad, huh? I love their children and miss them dearly. I'm hoping to get a call from them asking me to babysit soon. Until then, I do have another job. It's a sweet one, too. How blessed am I to keep getting these amazing jobs? I now work for the Warren family. They have four girls, ages 8, 7, 4, and 1 year. All the girls are amazingly adorable, hilarious, and just outstanding kids. I just spent a week with them up in Massachusetts and it is gorgeous there! They asked me to move there with them for the Fall. You see, they live in MA for the fall and come back to TX in January. Ty, the dad, happens to play football for the Patriots. Anyway, I won't be moving with them because I'll be starting school again in August. Yay! Finally a Texas resident!

What else? Not too much, really. I have more adorable nephews. I got a new niece and 2 nephews within 3 months. They are all super adorable. I get to see Makenna fairly often, and she is growing like crazy. Everybody thought she looked so much like Kyle in the beginning, but I think as she has gotten older she has started to look more and more like Tara (which is definitely a good thing, haha). I love my family and consider myself blessed to live in Texas with Kyle, Tara and their baby girl. I do, however, miss my family in AZ a lot. I also miss having Chendo, my dad's mechanic, on hand, but Kyle has been an awesome replacement for him so far. Oh, also, I have this new goal: .... to go to Africa. After hearing a couple who served in the DRC and opened Burundi speak in sacrament a few weeks ago, I have been itching to go. The stories they told of the members there were just amazing. It was definitely a life changing just to hear them speak of these amazing people and their faith and dedication to the Church. My goal is to get there after I'm done with my undergrad. Maybe earlier. Who knows?