Sunday, July 26, 2009


Since I have time, I figured I'd update this a little bit. School let out back on May 15th, and I've been pretty busy since then. I went to California w/ my family & friend, Kenna, at the end of May. It was pretty fun. Since then I've just been working. A lot. I work six days a week, sometimes working doubles. This month I even had two weeks of working seven days a week, with a couple doubles in there too. I'm also now training for front desk. I also workout every single day, except Sunday. I basically live at the gym, good thing I like it there. I signed up for my classes this fall which start August 24th. I'll be taking Chemistry (again), College Algebra, & World Religions. My friends Christie & Lachelle just recently moved into the condo too, it's been a lot of fun living together. I've been driving my dad's old silverado since Whitney left for North Carolina, it's a beast and gas is expensive, but it starts and get's me from point A to point B, which I am grateful for because that's all I need. Well, that's about it. Later.