Monday, October 24, 2011

23 Days and Counting...

(Kyle & I at the A&M game vs Baylor)

That's right, 23 days until I report to the MTC! It's coming up so fast. When I first got to Denver I kind of thought it would be the longest two months of my life, but to my pleasure & dismay it has gone by so quickly! I take off next Monday for Arizona... I can't wait! Although I'm sad to leave my friends and the Warrens here, I'm so excited to see my friends and family I haven't seen in far too long & spend some time with them.

Last weekend the Warrens took me with them back to Texas. They have got to be the nicest people ever. They took me with them, gave me the entire weekend off, AND got me tickets to the A&M & Baylor game. It was a lot of fun going back to see my friends and family there. Just in the past weeks Makenna has grown so much! I can hardly believe it, she even has hair now and cut her first tooth while I was there! I got to spend a lot of time with Kyle, Tara, and Makenna. Kyle and I had some good bonding time going shooting and to the football game together. (I still can't figure out pictures on here.) My weekend consisted of a girls' night, dancing, shooting, a date, Midnight Yell, the football game, a bbq, church, and hanging out with friends and pizookies. Can't complain.