Thursday, January 1, 2009

Updating for my mom's and Kathy's sake. Okay, more so they'll get off my back!!

What's new? I got out of school on the 17th of December and am out til the 20th of January. I love college. I got two A's and a B this first semester. Not bad, but I also had easy classes. Next semester should be a bit more of a challenge (especially the having to wake up part). It's officially 2009, and I didn't ring in the new year in any exciting way, just babysat until 1:30am. We're leaving for Utah soon, in like seven hours. I'm pulling an all nighter doing laundry and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep on the way up. On the 19th I went to the ASU BYU game with my dad. Pretty much an awesome game, ASU won by one point, 76-75. On Christmas Eve I went to my cousins for dinner then spent the night at my mom's. On Christmas morning I went to my dad's & did presents. Then my dad and I went to the farm for a while. Later we watched the Suns Spurs game, dang Spurs, I don't like them, not one bit. Later I wen't over to Kenna's and spent the night there. Nothing really exciting, but I did get an iPod!! I'm so excited, I really haven't worked out since my other got stolen, and I've worked out consistently now that I have one again, and I love it! Other than all that, there's nothing really exciting to tell. Later days.