Sunday, December 12, 2010

I can't sleep, so why not update my blog?

It's been a long time, I'm not sure if anyone even reads my blog anymore.... and if someone does, it's probably you, Mom. Love you. I last updated a year ago, and a lot has transpired since then. The biggest thing being that I moved to Texas. Can we just start there? I now live with Kyle and Tara in College Station and have been here since early July. Living with them has been great, but I'm moving out this month and in with my friend, Tabetha. Texas is different and I definitely miss my family and friends back in Az, but it's not all bad here. I was blessed to get an amazing job being a nanny for a four year old boy, and a little girl who is now ten months. Matthew and Kaitlin. Best. Job. EVER. (considering I have no college degree or special job training). The family is amazing. I have health insurance and even a 401K. Throughout the football season I traveled to Nebraska with them for every Husker home game. Did I mention they own a plane? I spend most of my time with Kaitlin, who I absolutely adore. I love seeing her grow and progress every single day. When I first started all she did was lay on the floor, now she crawls, pulls herself up on furniture, goes up the stairs, and attempts to stand on her own (and she isn't far from mastering that). It won't be long before she is walking. Matthew isn't bad either. I love teaching him about football and other sports, he's so eager to learn everything about every sport. When I first met him we were playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers Vs. the Arizona Cardinals in the BCS Championship Super Bowl. Now he knows the difference between College and the NFL. He can also name at least 25 NFL players, their team, their number, and their position. I'll start school next fall, when I'm a resident here and tuition is cheaper. Until then I'll keep working for the McMahons. I'm not too happy about putting off school for a year, but I know I am where I am supposed to be and I have already seen the blessings I have received from moving here. When I do start school I want to major in Kinesiology. I then want to go to PA school. That's the plan for now, but there's a lot of time to change my mind. What else? Oh, new year's resolutions. I have many. A few of my big ones are to do service at least once a month, attend institute weekly, read my scriptures daily, and I really want to visit the retirement home weekly. One of my other big goals is to become a runner. I want get up in the morning and run while the sun rises at least twice a week, and by April complete a half marathon and maybe a couple more through the summer and by January 2012 I want to visit Arizona to run the P.F. Chang's marathon. I tend to suffer injuries when I get too intense, and I recently hurt my neck, so I hope this can all happen accident and pain free. My last goal is to be buying my own car by the time school starts next fall. That's about it. I'm starting to Thanks.get sleepy so I'm gonna go ahead and call it quits. Please excuse any bad grammar or bad spelling.