Monday, September 26, 2011

I went exploring the other day. So much fun.
My boss even let me drive her Mini Cooper for the weekend while they were out of town.
My friend, Micah, made the drive with me to Vail for the day.
Kind of makes me think of the Primary song "I Feel My Savior's Love"
Micah grew up in Utah, skiing and whatnot, I think he got tired of me expressing how gorgeous I thought it was up there every 10 seconds.

I am still enjoying myself in Denver.
My job is still AMAZING.
The weather has been slightly awesome.
I have made myself some good friends and have had myself some good times.
To the right is Micah, myself, and Carson at the Diamondbacks game when they played the Rockies. It almost felt like being back at Chase Field except for the fact that I was wearing jeans, boots, a jacket, and a scarf and was still a tad bit chilly. Definitely not Phoenix.

Time for funny stories? I think so. Ty had to get surgery on a Tuesday night a few weeks ago. I Stayed the night with the girls so Kesha could be there with him. Oh my, it was good mommy practice. I did well getting all the girls to sleep on time, teeth brushed, school clothes set out for the morning, prayers said. Before I retired to bed I got their lunches ready, back packs ready, and planned breakfast for the morning. I was sharing Ty and Kesha's bedroom with Brookly (17 mos). Around two AM she woke up and wanted out of her crib and in her parents bed with me. She was wet, so I decided to change her on the bed. Mid diaper change, she starts throwing up. As to not get puke all over the bed, I quickly scooped her up and set her on the floor, diaperless. That's when she started peeing. I then quickly ran her into the bathroom. After getting her all cleaned up, I put her in bed. On a towel, just in case. I cleaned bed, floor, bathroom, and 30 minutes later climbed in bed with Brook. Every sound she made kept me awake. I was afraid she might start puking again. Which she did. at 3 AM she was throwing up even more than she had before. This time all over herself, me, and the bathroom. This time I gave her a bath, which woke her up and she refused to get out. Around 5 I finally got her back to sleep. On the couch this time. I, of course, didn't sleep. I spent the next hour cleaning up the new mess. At 6, I started waking up the other girls to get ready for school. After getting them to school, Brook and I played (more like zombied around due to lack of sleep) for a bit, then napped together on the couch. Although I did not enjoy that night, I love Brooklyn so much, it was a good bonding experience for us :)

Time to get religious! Life has been so amazing as of late. I have been able to recognize the hand of the Lord in my life daily. From minor to major blessings, I am so grateful for the love of my Heavenly Father and Savior. I know my Heavenly Father lives. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior and am so excited to hear the messages they have for us this coming weekend during Conference.

** I had planned on posting more pictures, but it took me days (yes, multiple days) to get those two pictures to do what I wanted them to. I have maxed out my blog efforts on this one :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Livin' "the" Life

First things first: I got my mission call! I leave for the MTC November 16 to serve in the Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission, what's up!?!?! I am so excited to share the gospel, the miracle of the Atonement, the restoration of Christ's church, and our Heavenly Father's love with the people of Honduras!

Okay so quick update on life... I moved to Denver! The weather is beautiful here, and the mountains are gorgeous. I can't wait until Sunday! I need to make friends! I have totally been that awkward person you feel sorry for eating dinner by themselves, at the movies by themselves, and chillin' at Barnes & Noble by themselves reading. Haha, yep that has been me! Leaving Texas was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. The past year there was amazing. I already miss my niece, Makenna, so much! I also have made so many good friends there. I would have loved to spend my last two months before I leave there, but I don't think it would have been easy finding a job there for that short of time & the Warrens said that if I wanted to come to Denver, they would take me for as long as I would stay.

So, the Warrens, such an amazing family! The plan was to leave my stuff in there garage during the football season, while they would be in Denver, then Kyle would move it when they come back to Texas, but they so graciously are letting me keep it in their garage the entire 18 months I am gone! That saves me so much money that would have been spent on a storage unit. I love the girls, but I don't care who says my job is easy, it so is NOT! You try communicating with 17 month old, not easy. Ty and Kesha are seriously some of the nicest people ever. I feel like a charity project for them, they really don't even need me, I'm just convenient to have around. Heavenly Father definitely had a plan when I lost my last job, and was introduced to them.

I think that's about it for now... Oh funny story, I went running the other day, and decided to take this trail I saw going off the main road I was on. I assumed it was a loop, so I took it. After running 3 miles I was starting to realize it was not a loop. I decided to just keep going even though 3 miles was my goal. At 4.5 miles I decided to use the GPS to find my way home. I was still over 2 miles from the house. The last 3 miles I walked/ran, but sprinted the last half mile because my phone was about to die, and I wanted to make sure I got there before it did in fear of getting eternally lost. I saw some beautiful Colorado scenery, so it was definitely worth the extra 3.5 miles. I even found a community lap pool and basketball court. I know where I'll be spending plenty of time the next two months :)