Sunday, February 8, 2009


School started up again a few weeks ago, which I was not too excited about, but it's alright. I have a 7:30 am math class, then chem, a 1hr 45min break, public speaking, another 1hr 45min break, and lastly my computer systems class. At first I didn't like having the breaks, they just made my day that much longer, but I've started to like them. Thanks to the extra 3 1/2 hrs in between classes, I have had no homework that I've had to do at home (which is good, cause I tend not to do homework at home). The TAUS basketball league started yesterday. We tied our first game which was lame, but it was fun to play with girls again and be able to hold my own and more (I think playing with the guys was good for me though). Our team should be pretty good, we were just missing some girls yesterday. I also got to ref a game, that was fun (not). I kept forgetting to blow the whistle and would just say foul instead, but it was a girls game and I don't think they minded much since none of them really knew what a foul was anyway. I have also recently started this whole "eat healthy, exercise more" diet and workout routine. I don't like eating less, and it's hard driving by In-N-Out or Super Burrito, but in the past week and half I've done really well. I've also seen the results of it. I've lost 6lbs since Jan 28th. The point of posting that so all of you could see it is that it will motivate me to keep going. Here's what I've done the past week and half: For breakfast I had a toaster strudel (I know, not healthy but I HAD to to have something sweet at least once a day), for lunch a sandwich or Lean Cuisine meal and a salad, for dinner the same thing. In between I snacked on grapes or carrots. I also cut out soda completely & mainly stuck to water. I think I maybe had a cup of milk or juice once or twice. Also, I didn't eat ANYTHING after nine (what I found with this is if you don't eat after nien, you get a better night's sleep). Work out wise, I just did something everyday. Sometimes I ran and sometimes I swam, but sometimes I just shot hoops by myself for an hour. I took a kick boxing class on Thursday, and I think I'm going to make that a usual thing cause it was awesome. I also hit the weights a couple times. I didn't do anything heavy, but the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn just sitting around. It really is amazing being able to see the results, not just on the scale but how I feel. Really cool.