Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Directions

My blog was once dedicated to the funny stories of my life, but since my life just doesn't seem to be all that entertaining anymore, I decided to revamp the blog and go in a new direction!

This weekend we had Stake Conference. For those who do not know what that is, it is a general meeting we have in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, of which I am a member. It takes place every six months or so. A recurring theme was that of missionary work. One sister even touched on the topic of missionary work through social media, using blogs, Facebook, and other such web based media to share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thought I would give it a go and share the things I know.

Lately I have had multiple experiences that have strengthened my knowledge that God knows me, that he is aware of me and my struggles, that he loves me, and that he takes care of me. One of the examples that comes to mind happened recently. Two months ago I was offered a job as a nanny for a family I used to work for before my mission. The only problem was that they live 3 hours away, so taking the job would include a move. My first instinct was to politely decline the offer and stay where I am. I love it here. Without much consideration, I made the decision that I was going to stay, and not take the job. The job would keep me out of debt during my first two years of school, but other than that, there weren't any real pros to taking the job. I started to doubt my decision and thought it best to pray about it. I prayed and I fasted, and I received an answer. I was to take the job, pack up, and move. Long story short, it turns out my current job would not have been sufficient to support me while in school next semester. When I informed my boss I would be leaving them, she actually seemed quite relieved because she didn't know whether or not there would be enough work for me in the coming months. There is more to the story, but the point is that through this experience, I was able to receive the reassurance that our Heavenly Father loves us, and is so aware of us, and will take care of us as we strive to be obedient and live has He would have us live.

I know that God lives, that he is our loving Heavenly Father & that is just one of the things I know.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So much for funny story of the week...

You know, my life just isn't as funny and entertaining as it was while I was on a mission in Honduras. There is so much to laugh about between companions, broken Spanish, and the apostacy you hear every single day.

I do have a few highlights from the last few weeks though. The first one? Hiding in cabinets with Makenna. I tried to fit in her hiding spot, but it didn't work. I could barely get half my body in, but Kenna thought it was hilarious, and wanted to hide with me. That's when this happened. Please excuse the quality of the camera on Tara's phone, thank you.

Then there is Colby. He is just starting to say my name. And, by "my name"  I mean he says "Daa-iiiiin!" Actually, that's pretty close to how Kenna says it, too. Funny stories about Colby? None in particular come to mind, but he is just a funny kid. He loves to play rough. You can win him over by pushing him over, barking at him, or throwing him onto the bed or couch. He is just extremely handsome and has the BEST smile that takes up his entire face. This day he kept waving at me from across the table during dinner and laughing. Adorable. 
 The other day I was upstairs getting ready to go to institute, when I hear Tara downstairs laughing. She then came up with Kenna, who had found a shower cap and put it on. She wore it around as if it were completely normal. I couldn't get her to pose for a picture but I snapped this one. 
That about does it. Except for Tara and I. When we are together we digress to teenagers. We are even worse when we are apart and text messaging. Exhibit A: 
We continued to message like this for a few hours. Spelling everything wrong and using the "hip" slang these days. We might still do it (hint: we do). 

So I am enjoying my Texas summer. I am officially a student again. Bittersweet. Slightly excited. Slightly depressed. Time to be an adult, I guess. I know my funny stories are kind of lame this week, I will try to have a more exciting life this week! Love you, Kathy! I win :) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Grand Transition

Everyone says return missionaries are weird when they get home. I don't think I am too awkward, but I'm sure some would choose to argue. I mean, other than random Spanish words that make it into my everyday English, I am pretty much normal. I only called my mom "Hermana" a few times. I was delighted to have alone time and I quickly remembered all the words to my favorite songs. But, I still haven't had to hug any boys that aren't family. That might be the awkward part.

After a week in Arizona and a week in Florida (Disney World), oh, and a 2 day drive, I am now home in College Station, Texas. This is where funny story of the week comes in. When I pulled into the driveway  Tara (sister-in-law) and Makenna (niece-2yrs) were waiting for me. When Makenna saw the white truck, she thought daddy was coming home and excitedly threw her hands in the air screaming "Da-eee!" When I stepped out of the truck a slightly disappointed/completely confused look swept over her face. I was afraid it would take Kenna and Colby (nephew-1yr) a few days to take to me, but I stepped out of the truck, put my arms out, and Kenna gladly came to see me. We spent the next hour and a half running, crawling, and spinning around the house. She had fun giving me a tour of the house and playing, saying "come on!" every time I took a moment to talk to Tara. My favorite moment was when it was time to go to bed and Kenna asks for milk. Her mom said no, and Kenna began to sing "Miiiiiilk, mi mi mi miiiiiiilk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Miiiiiiiiilk." We ended the night as best friends and cuddle buddies watching Tinkerbell. The girl is a goofball. We are going to have fun.

Colby was already asleep when I got home, but I met him the next morning. From what I understand, he freaks out around new people. He didn't take to me right quick, but he didn't freak out either. We spent the day together, including a road trip to El Campo to see Kyle (my brother who has an internship for the summer). By the end of the night, I got about ten goodnight kisses and hugs from Colby-Bear. Probably the happiest moment I have had since being home from my mission.

Another funny story from my drive over. I stayed in El Paso one night, splitting the drive into two days (I'm just not as young as I was when I used to do 18 hour drives in one shot). I stopped for dinner at McDonald's (gross). I was minding my own business, looking out the window, thinking about.... I don't remember what. All of the sudden I feel somebody pulling on my purse. I jumped and went to pull it away from whoever this terrible and dumb man trying to rob me in McDonald's in front of 15 other people was. I was surprised when I saw a very nice looking elderly lady. She then told me how beautiful my Honduras bag was and that she thought I was a very attractive young lady. I talked to her for a few minutes and had a delightful conversation with her, but as she walked away I couldn't help but thinking "You are SO lucky my gun is in my truck right now!" (Which is funny, because even if I had had it on me, I would have gladly given anyone my purse who was trying to rob me, I'm a wimp like that.) She really startled me. I think I might still be a little jumpy after being robbed in Honduras once.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm in Guatemala! My first stamp on my passport! First off,
I love it here. Much more than the Provo MTC. We are learning Spanish a lot
quicker because ourr teachers are native speakers and so is everyone else here
aside from the Norte (North Americans) missionaries and the President. We
also have what we call compañeras intercambio. They are just Latino
missionaries who are our companions for every meal and general meeting. My
compañera is Hermana Julian from the Dominican Republic. The first thing she
asked me about after we got to know each other a bit was 'Do you know Bear in
the Big Blue House?' Which is spanish is El Oso en el Gran Casa Azul, just in
case you were wondering. I love it. Everyday I answer questions about what
Hannah Montana Lyrics mean and what Spongebob SquarePants is called in English.
The Latinos are all so much fun. The first PDay we played basketball with them
and it was the most hysterical thing I have ever witnessed. So much fun. The
Latino elders treat the Norte sisters like celebrities. They are constantly
asking if they can take pictures with Hna Anderson (my Norte companion) and me.
It makes us feel special. The food here is awesome, too. The best part is the
Hermanas never wait in line. Chivalry is not dead here, and I hope the Norte
elders are taking notes. We also have snack time every night. It is pretty
legit. The weather here is beautiful. Hna Anderson and I study outside as often
as we can. Yes, we get to study outside, not like jail in Provo! They even let
us have class on the roof with our teacher. Half the building here is a hotel
for those traveling to go to the temple, so we have the opportunity to talk
with them when we study outside. I have talked to quite a few Hondurans.
Apparently my mission is the hottest and where they speak the fastest Spanish
in Central America. Anyway, everyday so far has been sunny and about 70
degrees. Perfection.

Ok, so Christmas! It was amazing, no offense to my family,
but probably my favorite Christmas thus far in my life! For Christmas Eve day
we got a lot of personal study time, then that night we played a bunch of
games. *So I have been writing this blog over the course of 3 weeks now, so now
it is going to be shortened and less detailed because I just want to send it
off!* So on Christmas Eve Santa came to visit too. The missionaries even got a
photo op with him. Even the sisters were allowed to sit on his lap. When I
hesitated to sit on his lap for my picture he said "It's okay, my wife is
right here!" I laughed a bit when I heard that. Then Christmas day was
just amazing.

So a week or so ago, we got to go on a tour of the city and
go shopping in the Central Market, go to a museum, and a mall. The mall was
comparable to Scottsdale Fashion Square. It was possibly one of the funnest
days ever. I ate a taco from a stand on the street at the market and it was
delicious. My companion would not have anything to do with the food though. The
museum was awesome. Learned a lot about ancient type stuff and there were a lot
of cool artifacts.

Other than the fact that the CCM is just completely awesome,
I am progressing in Spanish everyday and learning a lot about the Gospel. The
Latinos are awesome and so helpful with our Spanish. We have the most amazing
Presidency and we are getting a new President this week. I only have two weeks
left until I go to the field. I am slightly nervous, but more excited than
anything. We had the chance to go out proselyting with our Latino companions a
couple weeks ago, and we got a taste of what we would be doing. We get to go
again next week, but it will just be with the Nortes. That makes me nervous.
Where I struggle is understanding the Latinos, the speak so fast!

I can't think of much else! Thanks to those of my friends
and family who send letters and Dear Elders!! I love getting them. To those who
don't, go use Dear Elder, its free! The more support the better. Nobody has
told me yet how ASU or ATMs seasons ended or who won Rose Bowl, nada! I will
send a Central American Souvenir to the first one who sends me a Dear Elder
telling me about how my teams did in the end of the football season!

I love this Gospel and am so happy to be here. I know that
God lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is true and the
word of God. I know that Thomas S. Monson is true prophet and I can't wait to
share the message with the people of Honduras.

Hermana Devin Jenkins

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Week in the MTC

This past week has been slightly awesome. We arrived,
checked in, took our stuff to our residences, and went to our class. Our district,
from what I'm told is pretty different. Most of us have different calls,but all
Spanish speaking. When I first walked into class this kid looks at me and says
"DEVIN!!" At first I had no idea who he was, but after he reminded me
of his name I remembered that we had lifeguarded together for a couple summers
during high school. My companion, Hermana Johnson is also from Arizona. She
actually went to high school with my best friend, Kenna. Anyway, from the
moment we got into class the teacher only spoke spanish to us. I was so lost!
That's pretty much how class goes, they speak spanish and we try to catch on.
Amazingly, it works. I already know more than I ever learned in high school.

Our schedule is slighly hectic, and there is nobody to
supervise us. Luckily our district is awesome and we are always where we need
to be doing what we need to be doing. Okay, I have to cut this short, I only
get 30min on the computer and I currently have 1 minute left! But, if you want
to know more,write me! got to and enter my name and mission
(Honduras San Pedro Sula)! It's free, too. I think you might have to put
provo mtc, but I don't know. I want to hear from home/ texas/ Denver! okay, got to
go, bye!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Going on a Mission... Tomorrow!

From this very moment, right now as I write this, I am approximately 16 hours from boarding a plane headed to Utah. I'm all packed and ready go! I have all the stuff I'm not taking boxed up at stored at my mom's house, and my computer is now in my dad's possession. I'm so excited to go, but I feel like I just ran out of time. I didn't get to spend as much time with family as I wanted to, plans with friends got cancelled, and I failed to visit some other family friends while I was here. I left myself two weeks to spend in Arizona, but it was hardly enough! I feel bad if I hurt any one's feelings, but fact is, I'm coming back! 18 months doesn't even sound long when I say it. Time flies when you're having fun and working hard! (I'm not naive, I know there will be times, many times, where I'll hardly consider it "fun", but I'm ready to work hard.)
Anyway, I'm excited to go! I love my Heavenly Father, and can't wait to share His love for His children and the message of the Restored Gospel with the people of Honduras! Feel free to write, my MTC address is to the right and it's also on my Facebook. (On the right, I couldn't break up the separate lines of the address, so when you see "::" that's a break. Maybe I'm special, or maybe Blogger is. Let's just go with Blogger.) My sister-in-law will be posting letters from me as my blog updates and updating my address, so check back in!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I decided it was time to change the title of my blog, so I went ahead changed the colors, too. Nothing too fancy, I'm not good at that kind of stuff. As I have stated in previous posts, I struggle with such things, like loading pictures and getting them place where I would like. Hopefully my sister in law will do a better job while I'm gone.

I have six days left before I head to the MTC. People keep asking me if I'm nervous. Well, not really. I'm just ready and excited to go. It's something I've always wanted to do and now the time has finally come, kind of surreal. I'll definitely miss my friends and family, but when I think about that past 16 months, from the time I moved to Texas until now, and how quickly that time has gone by, the idea of being away from friends and family for 18 months hardly seems like a long time at all. I'll be exchanging letters and emails with them, so it won't be too bad. 18 months is nothing. However, letters would be appreciated! I'll be posting my MTC address on the sidebar here, and my sister in law will update it as I move around.

What else? The past week and a half in Arizona have been amazing. I have spent a lot of time with my family, especially Chris, Brooke, and their kids. Chris and Brooke have been awesome. The advice and their support is beyond measure. Brooke has told me many times "we've got your back, anything you need, let us know." It's pretty awesome having the amazing siblings I do. All of them have offered to be there for me when I need something while I'm gone, and are doing different things to keep my affairs in order. My sister is making me an 18 month calendar with pictures of my friends and family, too. How awesome is that? And Kyle & Tara supplied me with suitcases. I've also received amazing support from other friends. My friend, Cat, has been awesome. Constantly telling me how proud she is of me and even supplying "a little" $$ for missionary stuff. She has been an amazing friend and I know I can count on her for letters :). Sister Heiden, my Young Women's president through high school also supplied some cash, cause she's awesome. Even more, she came and supported me my when I went through the temple for the first time. That meant a lot to me. She taught me so much as teen and was a big strength to me throughout high school. My parents have been awesome, too. My mom keeps asking me what I need, as well as my dad. Cindy has been amazing as well. I have been blessed with an amazing family and spectacular friends :)

I have spent a lot of time with my friends, Christie & Kenna. I love them so much and am so grateful for them! The good times, the bad times, the hilarious times, the lessons learned, and the love and support I get from them is priceless. I wouldn't trade them for the world. As for my other friends, you suck. Just kidding. I am grateful for all my friends. From Arizona, to Texas, and to Denver, the Lord has blessed me with amazing people in my life that have helped me to learn and to grow and to become a better person.

Okay, so enough with the mushy "I love my friends and family" stuff. I have five more full days to enjoy before I leave. FIVE! So exciting. I can't wait to serve our Heavenly Father and spread the good news!