Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So much for funny story of the week...

You know, my life just isn't as funny and entertaining as it was while I was on a mission in Honduras. There is so much to laugh about between companions, broken Spanish, and the apostacy you hear every single day.

I do have a few highlights from the last few weeks though. The first one? Hiding in cabinets with Makenna. I tried to fit in her hiding spot, but it didn't work. I could barely get half my body in, but Kenna thought it was hilarious, and wanted to hide with me. That's when this happened. Please excuse the quality of the camera on Tara's phone, thank you.

Then there is Colby. He is just starting to say my name. And, by "my name"  I mean he says "Daa-iiiiin!" Actually, that's pretty close to how Kenna says it, too. Funny stories about Colby? None in particular come to mind, but he is just a funny kid. He loves to play rough. You can win him over by pushing him over, barking at him, or throwing him onto the bed or couch. He is just extremely handsome and has the BEST smile that takes up his entire face. This day he kept waving at me from across the table during dinner and laughing. Adorable. 
 The other day I was upstairs getting ready to go to institute, when I hear Tara downstairs laughing. She then came up with Kenna, who had found a shower cap and put it on. She wore it around as if it were completely normal. I couldn't get her to pose for a picture but I snapped this one. 
That about does it. Except for Tara and I. When we are together we digress to teenagers. We are even worse when we are apart and text messaging. Exhibit A: 
We continued to message like this for a few hours. Spelling everything wrong and using the "hip" slang these days. We might still do it (hint: we do). 

So I am enjoying my Texas summer. I am officially a student again. Bittersweet. Slightly excited. Slightly depressed. Time to be an adult, I guess. I know my funny stories are kind of lame this week, I will try to have a more exciting life this week! Love you, Kathy! I win :) 

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Kathy said...

You win this time, but I won more the last month than you :)