Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Grand Transition

Everyone says return missionaries are weird when they get home. I don't think I am too awkward, but I'm sure some would choose to argue. I mean, other than random Spanish words that make it into my everyday English, I am pretty much normal. I only called my mom "Hermana" a few times. I was delighted to have alone time and I quickly remembered all the words to my favorite songs. But, I still haven't had to hug any boys that aren't family. That might be the awkward part.

After a week in Arizona and a week in Florida (Disney World), oh, and a 2 day drive, I am now home in College Station, Texas. This is where funny story of the week comes in. When I pulled into the driveway  Tara (sister-in-law) and Makenna (niece-2yrs) were waiting for me. When Makenna saw the white truck, she thought daddy was coming home and excitedly threw her hands in the air screaming "Da-eee!" When I stepped out of the truck a slightly disappointed/completely confused look swept over her face. I was afraid it would take Kenna and Colby (nephew-1yr) a few days to take to me, but I stepped out of the truck, put my arms out, and Kenna gladly came to see me. We spent the next hour and a half running, crawling, and spinning around the house. She had fun giving me a tour of the house and playing, saying "come on!" every time I took a moment to talk to Tara. My favorite moment was when it was time to go to bed and Kenna asks for milk. Her mom said no, and Kenna began to sing "Miiiiiilk, mi mi mi miiiiiiilk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Miiiiiiiiilk." We ended the night as best friends and cuddle buddies watching Tinkerbell. The girl is a goofball. We are going to have fun.

Colby was already asleep when I got home, but I met him the next morning. From what I understand, he freaks out around new people. He didn't take to me right quick, but he didn't freak out either. We spent the day together, including a road trip to El Campo to see Kyle (my brother who has an internship for the summer). By the end of the night, I got about ten goodnight kisses and hugs from Colby-Bear. Probably the happiest moment I have had since being home from my mission.

Another funny story from my drive over. I stayed in El Paso one night, splitting the drive into two days (I'm just not as young as I was when I used to do 18 hour drives in one shot). I stopped for dinner at McDonald's (gross). I was minding my own business, looking out the window, thinking about.... I don't remember what. All of the sudden I feel somebody pulling on my purse. I jumped and went to pull it away from whoever this terrible and dumb man trying to rob me in McDonald's in front of 15 other people was. I was surprised when I saw a very nice looking elderly lady. She then told me how beautiful my Honduras bag was and that she thought I was a very attractive young lady. I talked to her for a few minutes and had a delightful conversation with her, but as she walked away I couldn't help but thinking "You are SO lucky my gun is in my truck right now!" (Which is funny, because even if I had had it on me, I would have gladly given anyone my purse who was trying to rob me, I'm a wimp like that.) She really startled me. I think I might still be a little jumpy after being robbed in Honduras once.

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Kathy said...

Darlin' get to practicing so you can not be a wimp! :)
Thank you for my stories! Love you!