Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm in Guatemala! My first stamp on my passport! First off,
I love it here. Much more than the Provo MTC. We are learning Spanish a lot
quicker because ourr teachers are native speakers and so is everyone else here
aside from the Norte (North Americans) missionaries and the President. We
also have what we call compaƱeras intercambio. They are just Latino
missionaries who are our companions for every meal and general meeting. My
compaƱera is Hermana Julian from the Dominican Republic. The first thing she
asked me about after we got to know each other a bit was 'Do you know Bear in
the Big Blue House?' Which is spanish is El Oso en el Gran Casa Azul, just in
case you were wondering. I love it. Everyday I answer questions about what
Hannah Montana Lyrics mean and what Spongebob SquarePants is called in English.
The Latinos are all so much fun. The first PDay we played basketball with them
and it was the most hysterical thing I have ever witnessed. So much fun. The
Latino elders treat the Norte sisters like celebrities. They are constantly
asking if they can take pictures with Hna Anderson (my Norte companion) and me.
It makes us feel special. The food here is awesome, too. The best part is the
Hermanas never wait in line. Chivalry is not dead here, and I hope the Norte
elders are taking notes. We also have snack time every night. It is pretty
legit. The weather here is beautiful. Hna Anderson and I study outside as often
as we can. Yes, we get to study outside, not like jail in Provo! They even let
us have class on the roof with our teacher. Half the building here is a hotel
for those traveling to go to the temple, so we have the opportunity to talk
with them when we study outside. I have talked to quite a few Hondurans.
Apparently my mission is the hottest and where they speak the fastest Spanish
in Central America. Anyway, everyday so far has been sunny and about 70
degrees. Perfection.

Ok, so Christmas! It was amazing, no offense to my family,
but probably my favorite Christmas thus far in my life! For Christmas Eve day
we got a lot of personal study time, then that night we played a bunch of
games. *So I have been writing this blog over the course of 3 weeks now, so now
it is going to be shortened and less detailed because I just want to send it
off!* So on Christmas Eve Santa came to visit too. The missionaries even got a
photo op with him. Even the sisters were allowed to sit on his lap. When I
hesitated to sit on his lap for my picture he said "It's okay, my wife is
right here!" I laughed a bit when I heard that. Then Christmas day was
just amazing.

So a week or so ago, we got to go on a tour of the city and
go shopping in the Central Market, go to a museum, and a mall. The mall was
comparable to Scottsdale Fashion Square. It was possibly one of the funnest
days ever. I ate a taco from a stand on the street at the market and it was
delicious. My companion would not have anything to do with the food though. The
museum was awesome. Learned a lot about ancient type stuff and there were a lot
of cool artifacts.

Other than the fact that the CCM is just completely awesome,
I am progressing in Spanish everyday and learning a lot about the Gospel. The
Latinos are awesome and so helpful with our Spanish. We have the most amazing
Presidency and we are getting a new President this week. I only have two weeks
left until I go to the field. I am slightly nervous, but more excited than
anything. We had the chance to go out proselyting with our Latino companions a
couple weeks ago, and we got a taste of what we would be doing. We get to go
again next week, but it will just be with the Nortes. That makes me nervous.
Where I struggle is understanding the Latinos, the speak so fast!

I can't think of much else! Thanks to those of my friends
and family who send letters and Dear Elders!! I love getting them. To those who
don't, go use Dear Elder, its free! The more support the better. Nobody has
told me yet how ASU or ATMs seasons ended or who won Rose Bowl, nada! I will
send a Central American Souvenir to the first one who sends me a Dear Elder
telling me about how my teams did in the end of the football season!

I love this Gospel and am so happy to be here. I know that
God lives and Jesus is the Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is true and the
word of God. I know that Thomas S. Monson is true prophet and I can't wait to
share the message with the people of Honduras.

Hermana Devin Jenkins

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