Sunday, November 27, 2011

My First Week in the MTC

This past week has been slightly awesome. We arrived,
checked in, took our stuff to our residences, and went to our class. Our district,
from what I'm told is pretty different. Most of us have different calls,but all
Spanish speaking. When I first walked into class this kid looks at me and says
"DEVIN!!" At first I had no idea who he was, but after he reminded me
of his name I remembered that we had lifeguarded together for a couple summers
during high school. My companion, Hermana Johnson is also from Arizona. She
actually went to high school with my best friend, Kenna. Anyway, from the
moment we got into class the teacher only spoke spanish to us. I was so lost!
That's pretty much how class goes, they speak spanish and we try to catch on.
Amazingly, it works. I already know more than I ever learned in high school.

Our schedule is slighly hectic, and there is nobody to
supervise us. Luckily our district is awesome and we are always where we need
to be doing what we need to be doing. Okay, I have to cut this short, I only
get 30min on the computer and I currently have 1 minute left! But, if you want
to know more,write me! got to and enter my name and mission
(Honduras San Pedro Sula)! It's free, too. I think you might have to put
provo mtc, but I don't know. I want to hear from home/ texas/ Denver! okay, got to
go, bye!

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